Efficiency In Work

by cognitivelycomplex

Lately, I’ve been inundated with work, obsessing over how to perfect my techniques and maximize my efficiency. I honestly don’t know anyone who is as obsessive about this as I am.

I’m a web developer who has been thrust into the role as a project manager. My company feels that this is an effective way to utilize the extensive schooling and experience I have in web development to suit their needs. In my opinion, this is a bad idea. But I’m not the boss.

I’m up for a challenge though, and I’ve bought into the idea of serving this role for the company. I was skeptical at first, but the reality is that challenges are what drive me in life, always have and always will. I don’t want to skirt by in life with a job that hardly pushes me to my limits.

And with that comes the flood of intrigue. My obsession with efficiency.

I’ve been reading heavily in my spare time on techniques to improve my project management skills. Any and every bit of information I can gain to make these projects go smoothly and efficiently. So far, it’s helped immensely. Sadly, most people aren’t this passionate about their jobs. I wish that would change.

Do what you love.

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