Oh, How We’ve Grown Tired

by cognitivelycomplex

When we were young, energy was a renewable resource that had no cap. Like the scientists of today who have warned us all of the impending doom of climate change, our parents warned us that the future would not be the same. Boy, were they right?

Of course, there are obvious contributors to this loss. The┬árambunctiousness of toddlers. Hell, rambunctiousness of kids. The exhaustive efforts of attempting to succeed in one’s career. Family obligations. Soccer games. Cheerleading practice. It never ends.

For me, the wall has begun to build itself. Between my son’s infinite energy and the strive to provide for my family, it’s tough to keep up. All of this and my obsession with solving problems leads to sleep issues, mostly because my mind never shuts off. Damn this ADHD!

I’ve tried all of the tricks of the trade to combat sleeping problems. No electronics before bed. Read something less engaging to your mind. Warm shower. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Exercise has been the only constant, and that’s lessened as of late due to my shoulder injury.

Honestly, this shoulder injury is putting me in a real funk. I can only hope it heals soon. It’s definitely getting better, but it couldn’t get back to 100% any quicker. I need to exercise. It’s a part of my life now.