Catching Up…

by cognitivelycomplex

Good weekend with the exception of the depression.

I still feel a bit uneasy about the way my life has been going socially, but Sunday was a day that righted the direction slightly. I drove into the city to see an old friend, an impromptu little meet-up, as a precursor to a furniture shopping trip. Beers and food were had, and it was a great time. He’s about to have a child, and he’s excited.

Man, I miss those days.

In all honesty, I miss my college days. Not a care in the world. My days were filled with these type of impromptu meetings. I met all sorts of new and interesting people. Baseball games, happy hours, friends and family, cookouts. The only questions I had to answer were… how’s school going? These days, everything and everybody, at least where I live, is focused on keeping up with the Joneses or work.

It was good to get out of that place. I miss it already.

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