The Disinterested

by cognitivelycomplex

“You look disinterested.”

I get this a lot. In fact, most of my facial expressions don’t actually convey my thoughts. In some cases, I’m completely convinced that an idea that is being presented is a great idea, but my face isn’t expressing a grin from ear to ear. Same can be said for sadness or anger, although that happens less often. Generally, if I’m unhappy with something — I’ll show it. As you can imagine, this creates some problems in the workplace. Especially when my boss puts focus on the fact that I look disinterested in something that’s important.

ADD’ers have probably been in this position before. Fortunately, I had a pretty good reason. I was disinterested, but not in the overall idea. I was completely disinterested in the fact that we had wasted 15 minutes of valuable time going over a detail that was solved one minute after it was brought up. We circled and circled back to the solution over and over again, causing a few sighs from the audience.

Apparently, mine was heard the loudest.

Meetings veer off into chatter often. It’s the number one reason for my frustration at work. It takes away from the joy I find in solving problems. It takes the “fun” out of work and makes it work… for me. Others would say that the small talk and chatter make work bearable. In my opinion, you need to find a new job then.

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